Who are we and what do we do?

We are a innovative business providing Paint Protection Film (PPF) supply and Installation for motor vehicles to the Gold Coast Region. We also provide signage solutions, vehicle wraps and BMW performance upgrades

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film is an engineered clear membrane designed to absorb the impact of road debris from vehicles ahead or Mother Nature. Whatever your make of vehicle, M Automotive Designs has a product to provide protection from small projectile damage to the external finish of your vehicle. We specialize in the installation of Paint Protection Film (PPF), computer cut for a variety of specific motor vehicle, makes and models including motorcycles, however PPF can provide protection to almost any item including boats, jet skis, planes or any painted surface prone to chipping and scratching.

Saving your vehicles brilliant factory finish

Rocks, sand, insects, bugs and other various road debris begin attacking your vehicle’s painted finish the moment it leaves the showroom floor, impacting against the brilliant clear coat painted finish, leaving your vehicle helpless against daily driving conditions. Until recently, the only solution to this problem was vinyl/leather car bras or PVC moulded attachments that offered poor coverage and often caused as much damage as they prevent. Unlike using a leather car bra or moulded PVC attachments, our paint protection film remains invisible (A slight line is barely visible at certain angles where the film stops), allowing your vehicle’s aesthetics to shine through with the brilliance of the automotive finish. Your best hope in the never ending battle against stone chips, abrasion, insects and environmental damage.

Where did PPF evolve from?

PPF evolved from the necessity to provide protection to helicopter rotor blades in the harsh environment of the battlefields in the Middle East. You may have seen some of the earlier PPF that after time showed signs of yellowing, but no more, engineers have perfected the ultra violet stability and the manufactures guarantee the performance of their product.

How durable is PPF?

The film is extremely durable around the lumps, bumps and curves of vehicle panels, a typical protection package includes the leading edge of the bonnet, guards and front bumper. Additional protection is also available on request for any part of the vehicle that may be damaged by flying debris like wheel arches, door sills, side skirts, lower door panels, rear bumper and headlights. Other uses include protection of utility style side top edges from canopy flap or load material, the possibilities are endless where paint protection is required from accidental surface damage.

Is PPF removable?

The film is designed as a semi-permanent application, but can easily be removed if required from any OEM painted surface. For removal of the film, simply heat the surface to approximately 150°F and begin by working a corner of the film. After you have enough film to hold onto, pull the film slowly away from the surface. If any adhesive remains, use any adhesive cleaner that is safe for the surface and wipe clean with a soft cloth. (any sections that are known to have been repainted use extreme caution on those areas during removal) PPF is engineered to ensure no paint shading occurs under the protective film in comparison to the rest of the vehicle, the material contains UV inhibitors to prevent the film from reacting to the sun’s rays, but still allows a certain amount to filter through the material and onto the surface to let the paint “age” with the rest of the vehicle. So when the time comes to trade the vehicle or the film is looking a little worse for ware from the never ending bombardment of road debris, the film is removed leaving the original paintwork in untouched condition, ready for a new installation to continue the protection.

Ever think about investment protection?

Everyone has at some time in their driving career been following a vehicle that somehow seems to find the stone on the road that bounces off your windscreen leaving the spider crack, you saw that one coming. Do you realize the same thing is happening ever day to the leading edge of your vehicle where you don’t see them coming or even the self inflicted damage of road gravel thrown off your own tyres.
PPF is used by major automobile manufactures such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Holden, Ford and Nissan to withstand attacks by stones and other abrasive elements. The film remains invisible allowing the manufacture’s aesthetics to shine through unaffected. (A slight line is barely visible at certain angles where the film stops).

Who Makes PPF?

There are a handful of manufactures who have engineered PPF specifically for the motor vehicle industry. We have tried them all and found the 3M VentureShield product to be the best available. The VentureShield 7510cc/cs not only provides the best finish once installed but also stands the test of time. With proper maintenance and care, we have never had an issue with the film, in the 8 years of using this product.

How do I care for the PPF?

Frequent washing and waxing every 6 months is recommended, similar to the care of your car’s painted surface. Applications of high quality automotive wax after installation and at frequent intervals will help retain the luster and performance of the product. (Waxing the material cleans the surface and adds moisture to the film similar to the painted surface.)

What warranty is offered with PPF?

Different manufactures provide a variety of warranty guarantees for their products, proper care will prolong the life of the material. M Automotive Designs will, on installations carried out by M Automotive Designs, replace the 3M VentureShield PPF free of charge to the customer where an installation defect is apparent or 3M has warranted a claim for defects in manufacturing and product workmanship, yellowing or cracking resulting from UV exposure for a period of 5 years.

Where to find us.

We have our head office located in Tugun on the Gold Coast, providing a specialized bay for installing PPF or we can arrange to fit the film on site at your preferred location.

Other things we do.

In addition to PPF supply (we sell bulk film) and installation we also provide advertising signage for Real Estate, Vehicle Graphics including full body wraps, shop Windows, Bumper Stickers, Photographic Quality portraits on Canvas and PVC Banner material, ect. If you need to advertise, we can design a custom order to your specification, or should you prefer to provide your own graphic designs or photography, we can produce the required finish on a variety of media of your selection. Call use to discuss your needs, no job is to big or to small.

We are also the authorized Australian distributor for Active Autowerke performance products. Active Autowerke have been involved with performance upgrades for BMW’s for well over 30 years. From simple intake upgrades to all out forced induction / super charger kits and brake system upgrades, Active Autowerke only produce the highest quality parts to get the most out of your BMW.